About Us

We are a Bihar based political Marketing with two layers: we provide political risk analysis to help clients understand the terrain and we offer strategic advice to turn that knowledge into action. From transaction due diligence to polling, policy development and government relations, we help companies to operate with confidence, even in politically uncertain times. We have a strong network of the best campaign strategists and top political consultants all over the state of Bihar. Establishing our mission, learning about the voter segments, fixing and following a budget, selecting the proper mediums for reaching voters, targeting the voters’ involvement in campaigning, conducting political surveys, undertaking feedback management, determining the requisite resources and partnerships, as well as intelligent advertising, are some of the activities initiated by us for successful political campaigns.

Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is to discover new successful and result oriented ways of Political Campaigning Marketing so that leaders and performance of the country can grow & thrive. Whether your campaign has just started out at the grass-roots level or it is already running at the national level, our company’s objective is to provide premium and guaranteed results to your political campaign that can go beyond your expectations in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. We provide complete market Political Marketing services to support our clients’ objectives. Our political Marketing services are customized, creating a personal experience to our clients that provides unmatched results.

How we Work?

When politicians look at surveys, their interest is often limited to two things: awareness level and vote share. We, on the other hand, use surveys not only to precisely assess your current vote share but also to explore your candidacy’s potential to grow. Our sophisticated research provides an independent and in-depth assessment of the voters and the political players. We do not only give results but use scientific data to make specific recommendations for speeches, events and governmental action. Out of the data, we build a comprehensive and winning campaign plan for you. Give us your campaign plan, concepts and drafts and we provide you with an assessment of it. We combine outside views, critical feedback and educated second opinions. In all of these, we are proactive and focus on applicable additional measures given each candidate’s unique strengths and constraints.